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 New book on Lithium Process Chemistry: Resources, Extraction, Batteries and Recycling 

This book presents, for the first time, the most recent developments and state-of-the-art of lithium production, lithium-ion batteries, and their recycling (Elsevier Ed.)  


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The book provides fundamental and theoretical knowledge on hydrometallurgy and electrochemistry in lithium-ion batteries, including terminology related to these two fields. It is of particular interest to electrochemists who usually have no knowledge in hydrometallurgy and hydrometallurgists not familiar with electrochemistry applied to Li-ion batteries.

It is also useful for both teachers and students, presenting an overview on Li production, Li-ion battery technologies, and lithium battery recycling processes that is accompanied by numerous graphical presentations of different battery systems and their electrochemical performances. The book represents the first time that hydrometallurgy and electrochemistry on lithium-ion batteries are assembled in one unique source.

ISBN: 978-0-12-801417-2

PUB DATE: June 2015

LIST PRICE: €133.00 | $185.00

FORMAT: Hardback

PAGES: c. 300

TRIM: 7.5w x 9.25h

Chemical engineers, metallurgists, academic researchers in these areas