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This site is the dissemination tool of public information of the national network on mineral raw materials which brings together government, businesses, professional associations and technical agencies. Initiated by the Ministry in charge of raw materials, this portal is for all institutional and economic players and the public in order to bring them the knowledge concerning the issues  related to non-energy mineral raw materials (metals, industrial minerals and construction materials).

The network of mineral raw materials collects and provides to the policymakers and the public all the information required to ensure a reliable and adequate supply of raw materials in France in order to meet the needs of the French economy at acceptable costs with a low footprint from an energetic and environmental point of view.

The data and information available in this site concern the four main fields of activity in the sector: potential and economy of terrestrial and marine primary resources, the needs of industry, recycling of secondary resources and research, international aspects.

The portal Mineralinfo published in June 2014 provides access to a range of renewed content, information resources and innovative cartographic viewer. It proposes to consult data on raw materials and natural and regulatory environment.

The Sim aims to bring together all the professionals involved in the mineral raw materials from their exploitation to their transformation, through their mining and processing and until their reprocessing after their use and recycling. The SIM is wide open to all French-speaking countries and participates in many international organizations. Its mission is to contribute to the progress of the mineral industry and, in particular, to promote and disseminate scientific and technical knowledge that fall of mineral raw materials.

PROMETIA is an international non-profit association promoting innovation in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy for mining and recycling of raw materials.

The Association aims to strengthen European technical skills and industrial know-how in raw materials processing and support industrial and economic development by:

  • promoting an easier access for industrial partners to the most relevant and competent European R&D teams as well as to services & facilities for up-scaling metallurgical and mineral processes in Europe
  • promoting the most innovative cutting-edge scientific results from European research teams towards industrial partners
  • facilitating the visibility and access of all the partners to various funding opportunities

Funded by Eco-systèmes in the form of sponsorship, with support from the Foundation ParisTech, the Chair Urban Mines is dedicated to the exploitation of WEEE. The Chair Urban Mining aims to contribute to the implementation of a circular economy model that respects the principles of sustainable and profitable development to citizens, manufacturers, recycling players and territories.