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GT3 : Sustainable industrialization of hydrometallurgical processes  (Leaders : S. Negny, LGC and Jacques Villeneuve, BRGM)

The purpose of this WG is to accelerate the transition to large scale and advanced innovations available in the WG 1 and 2. Although we strongly focus in this section on the issue of sustainable industrialization of hydrometallurgical processes related to urban mining for which new technological obstacles exist, the fact remains that this WG applies both for ore processing and waste of urban mining. The issue of WG 3 is to address the issues related to the design and optimization of the whole reprocessing sector: storage of waste at the end use of upgraded product. The issue specifically concerns the proposal of generic approaches to decision support that will enable the transition to industrial scale processes by taking into account the needs and constraints of industry but also the overall performance of the system with a rational Life Cycle Analysis. A complete view of the sector is a paramount to ensure the ongoing coordination of all stakeholders. Indeed the issue of waste management is a shared responsibility between the suppliers of raw materials, intermediate industrial users, consumers, collectors and industrial reprocessing. The major challenge is to have both quality of service activities (collection, sorting) but also a mastery of production processes of secondary materials and their reuse.

This WG must integrate all spatial and temporal scales of the supply chain: the phenomena implemented in the various unit operations (WG 1), the regional integration of the processes (WG3), through unit operations (WG1 and WG2),  production unit (WG2) and industrial site (WG3).