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WG1 : Physical processing of ores and wastes (Leaders: F. Bourgeois, ENSIACET-LGC and A.G. Guezennec, BRGM)

WG1 covers the operations of physical and physical-chemical processing of ore or waste to bring it in a form that gets easier the leaching process to release metals contained in the raw material and the purification process. Thus , WG1 concerns the improvement of the interface between the upstream stages of dissolution materials or leaching and the leaching process itself. The efficiency of metals dissolution depends on the ease of access to the material surface. WG1 concerns the development of processes dedicated to the selective preparation of non-altered surfaces of leachable phases, with economic and environmental impacts (energy, waste, water) as low as possible.

The figure below, while not exhaustive , identifies several themes and sub-themes of the WG1 :